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Training activities are highly effective tools for talent development, not limited to enriching employees' skill and knowledge, they also achieve multiple results such as broadening the thinking perspectives and to appreciate different models of the world and therefore help employees to improve adaptability to change.  Most significantly these are often found as opportunities for engaging and motivating employees through interaction in the course of learning process.  Vitality uses different approaches of training, examples shown as follows.

Group Discussion


Group coaching and sharing are particularly useful for understanding the training need of personal and organization's improvement areas in a more relaxed atmosphere.  This approach is often used for pre-workshop meeting with target audience,  problem solving,  brainstorming sessions and other meetings. 


Experiential Learning


We have organized many training event using the expereiential learning approach, though the activities are mild in physical movement.  Teambuilding workshop can be a great idea to start with before arranging other program.  In this connection, we may also organize a fun event for your staff with some key learning points.  Through these experiential learning activities, you may achieve  alignment of goals, building culture, delivery of company vision\mission statement, execute them them and many more.


Delivery of training through conducting a workshop is commonly used when the purpose of training is skill-based and when audience required to digest, memorise and apply the knowledge delivered.   Apart from professional presentation skill, quality of trainers can be assessed by the different approaches that they adopt for different people with different learning style, and whether they have given a deep thought in training design for engaging learners.

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