MA in Journalism,

BSc in Elect Engineering,

Graduate of Transformational Leadership Coaching.

Mark Zhou


 Business Development

  • More than 15 years devoted to coaching, nurturing leaders of younger generation and provided leadership programs for SME in China. 

  • Past exposure in different functions and roles such as Technology Enhancement, Education and Training, Marketing and Media, in various sectors of MNC and State Owned Enterprises in China.

  • Highlight of consultancy projects:  Journey of Generosity, Corporate Governance training for Board of Directors and follow up consultancy, etc.   As mentor and coach in Leadership Development Projects for managers and supervisors in China. 

  • Mark also organized Study Trip for Younger Generation to visit and learn from organisations in US followed by personal coaching and personal development plan. 

  • Training projects delivered:  Facilitate learning program for family business, SME Leadership Training Series, Communication Connection, Corporate Culture Building, Oral English for Managers\Supervisors and Engineers in China, Experiential Learning camp for new leaders, etc.

  • A charismatic leader, energetic and motivational speaker who enjoys working and sharing with diversity of people and cultures.

  • Language Proficiency:  Mandarin and English, conversational Cantonese.


 Mark曾服務的機構包括河南黃河小浪底水利水電工程處、 洛陽光華教育集團、北京新日工藝美術品公司、  天樑國際等。 



  • 組織協調中外企業家管理戰略研討會(北京, 上海, 深圳),帶領新生代企業家赴國外考察學習,並製定適合個人發長及切合企業發展需要的教練計劃。

  • 為國內及本港企業按需求提供培訓及諮詢方案,如公司文化建設,與國外客戶及企業團隊的溝通技巧,中高級管理和工程技術人員之英語培訓。

  • 為國內教育工作者及青年領袖舉辦國際水準的體驗式培訓營,並協助安排海外交流及培訓機會,以增長未來華人領袖的見識和開闊視野。

  • 近年來致力於家族財富管理與傳承的課程開發和培訓,包括既有的管家系列如「慷慨之道」及「董事會治理」等品牌課程。



  • 美國 George Washington University 國際關係學院 訪問學者

  • 美國 Regent University, M.A. Journalism 新聞學碩士

  • 中國 長春理工大學 B.S. Electronic Engineering 電子工程 學士

  • Transformational Leadership Coaching (U.S.A.) Graduate

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