Jojo Chan

Associate Director,

Organizational Development


Qualified Executive Officer (EO)

IIQE (Qualified Intermediary)

SFC Licensed RA1 (Dealing in Securities),

RA4 (Advising in Securities, USA CFP (c) 



  • Senior Strategic and Business Leader with more than 20 years of extensive experience from major global banks as well as brokerage securities business.  She has worked and lived in different countries including US, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

  • Highlight of consultancy projects:  Business Strategy at local and regional level, Sales Management, Business Development, Compliance Control and Segmentation, etc.

  • Training projects delivered :  Pipeline Management, Effective Sales and Telemarketing, Negotiation Skill, Leadership and Change Management, Survival Skils in the Workplace and many more.

  • A dynamic speaker that attracts audience with her charisma and sense of humour. 

  • Language Proficiency: Cantonese, English and Mandarin