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What is Coaching?

"Coaching is a catalyzing relationship that accelerates the process of great performance; it's about individuals' and/or organizations' identifying purpose and living out of that purpose." -

The trust based coaching process causes an unleash of the coachee's potential and opens up new discoveries for her\his development and\or personal lives.   As it produces distinctive impact to corporate growth, coaching has become an essential communication tool nowadays in organizations.  

Contact us for an instant proposal of

  • Personal Coaching for one for more employees

  • Team Coaching for a target group of employees

  • Learning program with follow up Coaching sessions


People are unique in personality, competencies at work, learning styles,  pace of learning and potentials.   The coaching process helps to uncover the pearl in the shell!


Effective coaching enriches self-understanding, eliminate illusions, sorting out possible blindspot, broaden dimension of thinking to strengthen personal growth that sometimes training alone may not achieve.   The coaching sessions are tailored to suit different individual's development need. 


For personal coaching, confiential inquiries are welcome.  Please feel free to discuss or ask for more information.


Personal Coaching


We have strong experience in coaching managers and employees to manage the career transitional period.  Examples of this includes the preparation for promotion or job change.


For individuals in the public, we organize Career Coaching Program which often consist of the following depending on dividual development needs especially in the period of job change :


  • Job Interviewing Skill,

  • CV Writing,

  • Essential Skills in the Workplace,

  • EQ Management 


Contact us if you are interested.

Career Coaching


Team coaching is another solution when an organization wishes to develop or strengthen a target group of employees due to business need.  


Examples of this include but not limited to internship program, management trainee program and succession planning... What's your ideas?   Let us know.  


Team Coaching

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